Community Governance Foundation
Community Governance Foundation are selected by the community through the MetaGrail DAO nomination. They have an important influence on the development of the network at a critical moment or have contributed huge resources to the entire network. They are the special nodes that are granted special responsibility for making proposals, execution and supervision for the healthy development of the network.
Membership of the Community Governance Foundation is limited. The election conditions for all governance nodes require a considerable amount of investment in different aspects of the development of MetaGrail. In return, the Community Governance Foundation will be able to obtain a certain amount of income as the network grows. The interest in the network is tied to the long-term healthy development of the MetaGrail network.
The establishment of this role hopes to introduce groups or individuals with special resources and capabilities to help MetaGrail network connect key resources in different fields, so it can land and evolve more smoothly in the real world. At the same time, it is also responsible for maintaining the stability of DAO governance. Regarding the perpetrators, the governance node is obliged to investigate them and initiate punishment proposals.
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