Realizing the goal of MetaGrail token autonomy is the team's long-term pursuit and goal. There are many model parameters in the MetaGrail network. How to adjust these model parameters at different stages to encourage different roles in the network is crucial to the promotion of decentralized social development. In order to realize the ambitious scene of the decentralized social ecology and the decentralized governance of the entire project, MetaGrail is governed by DAO, and all stakeholders can directly participate in the governance of the project.
MetaGrail DAO will be launched within a certain period of time after the protocol goes live. On this decentralized governance platform, any community member can initiate a proposal, propose a project development path, or modify and update related model parameters, and attach a proposal description with voting end time. The promoters then need to push community members to vote on their proposals. Before the voting ends, when a certain voting rate and approval ratio are reached, the proposal is deemed to be passed. In order to prevent useless proposals on the DAO platform, a certain amount of Grail token is required to be locked for the initiation of each proposal, and only will be returned while reaching a certain voting rate, otherwise the locked tokens will be burned when the voting ends.
In the long-term plan, we hope to make each "Events" and even the group into a DAO. MetaGrail will promote and stimulate each "Events" and group Dao with Grail tokens. We look forward to the existences of MetaGrail DAO and Group Dao, which can make the community more united and the ecological expansion smoother.
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