NFT Model
The total issuance of MetaGrail is 9,999, and the issuance is completed 9 times, 1111 each time, and it is produced on Ethereum using ERC721 standard. Each MetaGrail has a unique material, serial number, constellation and addible social track. Serial numbers are arranged in order from 1 to 9999. In the future, MetaGrail will create 3D models so that the holder can freely render MetaGrail and turn it into an animated form, which can be displayed and used in any meta-universe or VR scene.
The quantity and types of each batch are as follow:
Each batch will issue 7 diamond MetaGrail, 11 crystal MetaGrail, 55 ruby MetaGrail, 111 gold MetaGrail, 333 silver MetaGrail, and 594 copper MetaGrail. The issuance time adopts the incremental form, and the issuance is expected to be completed in November 2024.
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